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Michael Storer

Jenny van Veenen of the Netherlands led me to your site. I am a struggling new perfumer in Los Angeles. I am completely intrigued by your story and so happy that someone with a degree of commercial success is still willing to teach others instead of keeping everything secretive. That is a rarity.

Jenny started a very international yahoo interest group called Perfumemaking. I have been an important player there. We have a lot of fun sharing creations with one another. All are at different levels of proficiency. We are currently conducting a "swap" where we are critiqueing each other's fragrances. Some are quite skilled. From what I read on your blog you are obviously very busy, but if you have a moment sometime, it would be wonderful if you would check in on us. Many of us have questions about dosing musks and how best to use them in combinations. Any help we could get from your experience on just that alone would be worth so much. I wish you lots of luck with your business and your blog. Please visit us at;

Thank you! Michael Storer in Los Angeles.

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