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Hello John

I've enjoyed our correspondance, and as you may know, I've quoted you in some of my writings on the IFRA CoP regulations. I've been working closely with Tony of Cropwatch for several years on regulatory and/or endangered species issues, but really came on board with him in his call for a boycott of the 40th.

There's lots more to read about it here: http://www.artisannaturalperfumers.org/news.htm where interested parties can download the "Primer" as we call it. Also exposed some funny business on the part of IFRA via this press release: http://www.soap-wire.com/2007/03/online_website_.html

Efforts are paying off: there is a growing worldwide network of industry professionals talking to each other, and perhaps we can hope for a coalition in the future to more properly dialogue with IFRA and the EU on how to evaluate and regulate naturals, rather than the Draconian approach they're taking now.

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